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Abuja Business Don Turns 45 Years Old

Abuja steel business Don, C E O Batos investment Nigeria limited Chief, Dr. Bartholomew Osondu recently celebrated his 45 years birthday in style. 

The event which took place in his residence was aim at celebrating him on his new doctorate acquired and in same vain thanking the lord for his new age. 

Oga Batos as many will call him, is a man of pure originality, a supporter of the youth, nation, a successful business guru and also a God-fearing Christian.

The event which spread across the evening was attended by members in staff of Batos investment Nigeria Limited, a Multi-Million-Naira steel company, the event was also graced by prominent personalities, friends, business associates and well-wishers.

The celebrant chief, Dr. Osondo stole the show with his amazing dance entrance and his outfit which can only be describe as the beginning of a new age, chanting” Eze Udiri 1!!!!” behind him his guests while he danced to the high table. 

The night was filled with lots of merriment as assorted foods, fruits and drinks were made available by the host. 

On the M.I.C, Abuja’s own king of radio Mc Dumebi 1 as the event Master of ceremony, you sure will know what to expect (LOL), on the wheel of steel, popular DJ P ( bet many forgot it was late as the arena was on the hit), photo credit to Posh Films; wow one won’t forget the beautiful fruit tree display by PASFRUITAL NG and the buffer was a lot to take in. 

Chief expresses his gratitude by praying for those who attended the event and those who wished him via different mediums, although the party was organized strictly for staffs, he said “when you celebrate someone, people will celebrate you,” encouraging his staffs he said “keep working hard, smart and depend mostly on God, keep away the spirit of procrastination from you. Determination, focus and humility is a basic key to success” he said.

The party came to an end after a dance session, the official pastor of the brand prayed to close the ceremony as guests were already seen taking their packages home.

In another development, Zenith Bank Nigeria also joined in the celebration as the offered a token of appreciation to their beloved customer. Gifting him a beautiful Baked Cake and Rejoicing at his business arena.

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