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Villy Je - Biography

Victor Jolly Eyo, (born August 29) better known as Villy Je is a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and Record Producer.

He is a self-taught songwriter and Music Producer who describes his Style and Personality as The Jiggy Preacher, fusing sounds he describes as a mixture of Hip-hop and Afrobeats, he calls his music Motivation. 

He began recording music at the age of 15 with B.S.V a group formed by a couple of his school friends. 3 years after losing his mom in June 2006 he embarked on his music career in 2010, while moving to the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria – ABUJA were he joined the choir of a Church his Dad Jolly E. James was a Pastor at the time. 

Villy je was born on August 29, to Nigerian parents who both are from Akwa Ibom State
He is the First and only son amongst a family of Three, Lost his late Mom Mrs Blessing Jolly in 2006, grew up in Minna, Niger State before moving to The Federal Capital Territory - Abuja in 2010 where he joined a church choir as an Instrumentalist, later furthered as he studied Cinematography, Photography and Film Production for a couple of years, worked as a Film Director and Video Editor for  TV outlets and media houses from which he raised funds and later attended The Federal Polytechnic Bida to Study Mass Communication.

Villy Je has always been at the for-front of his musical career as well as his other passion for creation in Cinematography, Photography and Video Directing.

In 2018 he hosted the First ever Abuja Closing Rap Cypher which Featured 13 rappers from the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja. 

Moving to Lagos for the summer in 2019 he released his first Afro Single titled OYO in the month of May. 

Villy je hosted his Second and Third rap Cypher Simultaneously in the same month he called 2020 Experience, featuring 7 rappers from both in and out of Abuja.

Villy je stated his major influences include MI Abaga, OJB Jezreel and Davido as well as the Nigerian Afro music genre.

Over the years, Villy je Developed his personal style, where he learnt from the versatility of his Talents and working as Both a Church boy and a Music Lover.

He however came up with the Jiggy Preacher, which he describes as a Motivator of Conscious music. 

Villy je describes his looks as Afro-culture, heavenly inspired by the beautiful people of Africa, with hints of traditional west African design and a marriage of European and African aesthetics.

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