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Cuppy salutes Teni for supporting her through dark times

While Cuppy was making her debut project, ‘Original Copy,’ she suffered a loss of confidence.
On March 11, 2020, Nigerian DJ, Cuppy took to her Instagram story to salute her fellow woman and Nigerian artist, Teni. Cuppy, who is preparing for her debut project, ‘Original Cuppy,’ claims she struggled with certain things and Teni called her to help her through it.
Cuppy made this known when she posted a picture of Teni’s call and wrote, “Just when I was giving up… Teni called me with the encouragement I needed. This superstar literally sat on the phone with me and heard me out. She then told me she’s been through the same thing when she was working on her first project. People didn’t believe in her. I’m not alone.”
On International Women’s Day, Cuppy spoke about her upcoming debut project.

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