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Self Acclaimed ''ABUJA BEST RAPPER'' 'CLIPZ' Allegedly took Shots at Fellow Abuja Based Rap Mc GUNZZ & YOUNG INCREDIBLE

Abuja self Acclaimed Best Rapper 'CLIPZ' has allegedly taking shots at fellow Abuja based Rappers GUNZZ & YOUNG INCREDIBLE in the just released Abuja Rap Cypher (The 2020 Experience Abuja Rap Cypher). which he featured in alongside other Rappers from the Capital City.
as Quoted in his lyrics he said:

''King Kong was the sound
Yet the ratings never popped it up
tried to break the bounds
But ur manners never called the shots''

''Talk About class
Abj spare me the news
Bullet no dey kill these days
Instead he drop Sunday schools
Mi still trynna push a nigga
Yet the tipper no move
Flat tyre no dey run
Baba the tipper no good''

Watch Video:

Watch the Full Cypher Video:

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