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Kc Khuddy - Just you + Lyrics

Kc Khuddy - Just you + Lyrics

Ajoku Emmanuel Kelechi popularly known as  Kc Khuddy is here again  with a Song title 

JUST YOU BY Kc Khuddy 

Just you is a romantic jam to be added to your playlist without wasting time, 

Kc Khuddy set to be working on something Amazing and he said I can't  wait to share them with you you guys 

Oh ye Oh ye...
Kc Khuddy on it... 

(Verse 1)

I'm faded
Everytime you slip away
It makes me get faded 
Everytime I'm alone 
Its just you I'm thinking
Girl I'm sinking
I should have left you alone
I should have let you to go home ye
    Overstood a nigga never had a say 
I was told the lovers never had to stay
Even when I give you all the love in the world 
I did 
Oh why you leave now
Why you leave so easy
Why you let it go
I miss your your kisses and hugs 
They call it X 'nd O 
You broke the pieces I thought was gonna turn to whole

'Cause it's just you I wan'ed (love)
It's just that won it (love)
'Cause you give me everything that I wan'ed
And you everything that I wan'ed
And it's everything that I need 
'Cause it's just you that won x2
 (Verse 2)

I'm broken 
Everytime I think about
The promise we made through
Even when I sleep around
Your scent gat me crazy
That your with me 
Even your picture around
The Kush and the sex that we had 
And your voice message
    Gross thing
I was dope with the sauce 
I had everything
Bought roses , Flowers
I gave everything
Even clothes and make ups
Baby say my name
And you know it
Cuddle and the pillow talk
Fucked you every single night
Squirting all and all
Now I guess I'm a fool
For the caring 'nd feelin' and lovin'
That I had.

For you for you
(Ohhhh oh...)

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