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Photos: Lagos Uber Driver Who Stole Lady’s Bag Containing Her Passport & Over N1Million Arrested

Yesterday, A female first time visitor was left stranded in Lagos Nigeria, after an Uber driver robbed her of over a million naira.
The victim, who is a South African and has been identified as Mo (Mongy Mathobela), wrote:
“I’m a visitor in Nigeria. I went to the bank to withdraw money in Lekki, so he saw the money that I had it in my bag.
He left me stranded on the road luckily, I had my phone on me because I wanted to buy something on the side of the road. I even bought him food and paid him more than what he was supposed to be paid and inside my bag it was my passport and money 500k naira and $2000.
Please help me share this so that I can get my passport and go back to my country my flight is on Thursday I do not have a passport. Pls help.”
Now, the Uber driver has been arrested..
This exactly what happened plus all the SMS’ he sent his victim.
“He was able to drive off with the bag because she was to pick up a document from one Yemi in bakare estate,agungi and head to South Africa .so as usual she went into the compound and asked him (driver )to give her few minutes.by the time they came out he was no where to be found and he sent her a text saying he drove off to the nearby mosque to pee and he was coming right back but that was the end of the show before they realized he was gone for good.
Mo has been using the guy since she travelled down to Nigeria and she’s a very nice and generous lady.
she saw the guy as a young and cool guy and showed support to encourage his hustle.mo would give this guy 50 percent of whatever her fare came to and just last week she said he drove her to balogun or was it ogba and in the process someone picked his iPhone 5 and she had to give him 75k to get a new phone but he didn’t get an iPhone but at least he got a phone with an internet to sort his Uber directory and all.
she gets him food at every outing and made him comfortable.so,it was after the story went viral that his neighbor on the mainland alerted Mo through her DM TO COME TO a particular address on the mainland.then the neighbors alerted others to use cars to block the taxi so as for him not to be able to drive out because already he had packed his stuff.
Thats they were able to arrest him”

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